In the dead of night, when the creatures are lurking about outside my window, you will find me brainstorming my ideas on the computer, looking for the right opening, then seizing on it like Dr. Frankenstein, bringing paper and ink to life


by Jamey O’Donnell ‧ RELEASE DATE: July 26, 2021

A nuclear strike over America effectively throws much of the Northern Hemisphere back to the Stone Age in O’Donnell’s apocalyptic thriller.

On May 24, 2022, three nuclear warheads detonate in the thermosphere above the United States. Sent by Iran—and facilitated by North Korea—the super electromagnetic pulse immediately wreaks havoc. Satellites become disabled, airplanes fall from the sky, cars stop working, and cellphones become useless. In Centennial, a suburb of Denver, the family of Bill Jenkins—a statistician with the Department of Agriculture who’s working out of Washington, D.C.—is already preparing for the worst. Jenkins, a “prepper of sorts,” has an underground bunker filled with a year’s worth of food and water for his wife, Viv, and their two sons, Brian and Mark. As the world devolves into chaos, the Jenkinses share their supplies with their surviving neighbors, Julie Price and her kids, Jack, Rocky, and Kate. But when people start dying of starvation, the group faces nomadic cannibals hunting for human prey. As life becomes a hellscape, Jenkins—living in an elaborate subterranean government bunker while working to get the country back on its feet—learns of a top-secret underground railroad system that connects cities all over the continent, one of which is Denver. Jenkins eventually gets the green light to find his family and return with them to Washington—but what he discovers in Colorado is beyond his darkest nightmares. This relentlessly paced, action-packed, and character-driven novel from the author of Meth War (2021) may strike some readers as a fusion of William R. Forstchen’s One Second After and Stephen King’s The Stand with a powerful Christian perspective. The story can get heavy-handed, however, when it comes to religion. Criminals, for example, are “men and women living their lives without God,” some of whom may “embrace Satan.” But any proselytizing fits seamlessly into the narrative as the Jenkinses and Prices find strength and wisdom in their faith-based lives to move forward in their quest to survive.

A fast-paced, dystopian tale of a near-future nuclear disaster told from a Christian viewpoint.

Pub Date: July 26, 2021

ISBN: 978-1-66553-304-1

Page Count: 278

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Review Posted Online: Jan. 11, 2022

Kirkus Reviews Issue: March 1, 2022


Hunting for the Lamb of God

If food became unavailable due to a natural disaster and your only food source was human beings, would you eat someone? Would you go a step further and kill someone to eat them? These are decisions that would have to be made by normal, everyday people if faced with this type of situation. Hunting for the Lamb of God traces the footsteps of two families living across the street from each other in a suburb south of Denver, Colorado. The families join forces to navigate through a dystopian nightmare after America is hit with a super EMP (electromagnetic pulse), where food and water supplies run dry, and neighbors turn against neighbors, hunting each other for food to survive.


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You Need to Read This!

EMP strike to the US…secret underground railroad across the US known only to a select few government leaders…is cannibalism a choice when your family is starving?…how does one survive when the world you know is ending? Learn how two families from a normal suburban neighborhood face these crises and survive. A how-to manual in many ways that we all should be aware of. Frightening but shines a light on a world that is already here – or on its way. Highly recommend.


Meth War: Lost in Felony Flats

In 1993, the San Bernardino Valley became ground zero for a plethora of torture and murder. The Satanic Underground proclaimed war on the independent meth cooks and their associates, reclaiming their rightful place as the sole manufacturers of high-powered methamphetamine distributed and sold to the drug populace, turning human beings into soulless ghouls of the night that would do anything to satisfy their craving for the devil’s drug.


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Meth War is actually terrifying in ways that lends itself to a new spin on horror. It’s one of those books that when you put it down, you make excuses why you shouldn’t pick it up again, but it haunts you until you do. These are modern day vampires and meth is what is craved. The closest to realism that I’ve read since reading true homicide detective stories. Jamey O’Donnell is an awesome storyteller.

- Buddy Dow/AuthorHouse

Living for the Lamb of God

In Living for the Lamb of God, the sequel to Hunting for the Lamb of God, the residents of New Hope are discovered by the Hunters. They realize how vulnerable they are in their present location and search for a place where they can start over again and live in peace.

Their settlement grows exponentially after finding that place and settling into Peaceful Valley, an old scout ranch outside of Colorado Springs. Once again, they find themselves having to deal with not only the Hunters but also must contend with a foreign army that is now in country—looking to exploit America’s natural resources.

Their love for each other and America gives them the strength to meet these challenges and forge ahead.


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Soon To Be Released In The Winter of 2023


After rescuing a young woman and her small child from an abusive man in the Nevada desert, Paul Nelson offers them both a ride to Denver. On the way there, he offers her a job and a chance at starting a new life in Virginia, which she accepts. What neither of them knows, she is being tracked across the country by her psychotic husband, putting herself, Paul, and her child in danger.